Time, Talent and Treasure; Giving Thanks!

Published by Mark Petersen

I saw a report on the morning news about how an iPhone changed the life of a boy with Spina Bifida.  Typing into the phone he is able to communicate his thoughts for the first time.  This coming on the heels of the Second Terrorist attack in Paris, France in less than a year and with Thanksgiving coming soon, led me to reflect upon how blessed we truly are.

I am dealing with an injury, yet to be diagnosed as to severity.  However, I know that I have access to the best healthcare expertise in the world.  My Doctor has a list of credentials which are most impressive.  I will have a Physical Therapist with the knowledge and tools to perhaps make me better than I was before my accident.  As an overachiever, I will diligently perform my therapy, and then some, to restore my health quickly.

What it serves to remind me is that many others are not as fortunate as I am.  Injuries suffered in the Paris attack may leave permanent disabilities, both physical and emotional.  Children are born with challenges which may not be easily overcome, if they may be overcome at all.  Still others have left their homes and even their homelands, which may be in the midst of civil war.

My challenges seem trivial given what others must face.  The thought of months of rehabilitation is not pleasant, but when I place it into the context of what others must endure on a daily basis, I must give thanks for the blessings I have.  It also provides me with an opportunity to evaluate my commitment to helping those not as fortunate as me.

I attended a conference recently in which one themes was the giving of your ‘time, talent and treasure’ in the pursuit of helping others.  I will utilize the blessings which have been bestowed upon me, so I may be in a position to better help those who are less fortunate, and I will be giving Thanks!

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